7 amazing facts South Korea, ready to gawk!

Who's here who really loves K-Pop? Kempawan demen watching Korean romantic dramas that make sobbing? Or, really ngefans same boy group or girl group that tamvan-tamvan and cantique-cantique? If so, fix you crazy K-Pop. Eh but, behind all that frenzy, did kengkawan know the amazing facts of South Korea?
Here's a review of the amazing facts of South Korea. What do you think about it? Squirt in check the review below. It's amazing.

1. South Korean men like to make up
The amazing facts of South Korea

Source: ngebro.com
If you ever watch a football match, surely know scene make up Korean players who faded fit of the rain? Apparently, in Korea, men make up makeup is reasonable loh gaes. In fact, if totaled, they can spend $ 900 million each year by buying cosmetics.

2. Infants born directly one year old
The amazing facts of South Korea

Source: odddidunia.com
The stunning facts of South Korea next is about the calculation of different ages from the countries in general. There, a newborn baby is not 0 years old, but is one year straight. So, if kengkawan there and there nanyain about age, do not forget to add a year yes. For example now aged you 21, there so 22.

3. Countries with the highest levels of stress
The amazing facts of South Korea
Source: odddidunia.com
Did kengkawan if South Korea is the country with the highest stress rate in the world? Each day, the number of stress there can reach 80% of the total population. Economic and educational issues are the ones that trigger the greatest stress. The high cost of living and the strictness of the education system there for them stress even to suicide. : D

4. Drunkenness has become commonplace
The amazing facts of South Korea
Source: peninsularity.com
If in Indonesia alcoholic alcohol alias sales are strictly prohibited, there is very freely traded and even been legalized. For example kengkawan to South Korea, do not be surprised if you see there are drunk people in bars, shops, trains, buses, or even on the sidewalk curb. It has become a common sight there. : D

5. 40% of South Koreans are atheists
The amazing facts of South Korea
Source: odddidunia.com
Kengkawan know not? Apparently, almost half of South Koreans are atheists or people who do not believe in god and choose no religion. This is the problem facing the developed countries. The higher one's knowledge, the more modern one's life, the higher the work ethic of a person, and the demands of life that make them difficult to believe in God. Duh, kengkawan do not follow-up huh! : D
Fear of the number four
The amazing facts of South Korea
Source: todayifoundout.com
The next stunning fact of South Korea is the myth and mystery of number four. He said, in South Korea, kengkawan can not find four numbers anywhere. Included in the elevator, there is no button for the 4th floor. Either the button is not there or the floor is also not there. Only those who know. : D

7. Free wifi everywhere
The amazing facts of South Korea
Source: safervpn.com

That he reviews the unique facts as well as astounding ginseng country aka South Korea. How? Not surprised gaes? Already yes iyain aja. Roughly, what is the most unique and surprising number of facts? Try sebutin in the comment field. Cus! : D

United States Economy Slows Dramatically

NEW YORK - The US economy slowed dramatically in the first three months of this year, according to official data. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is on a yearly basis at 0.7% for the first quarter of 2017, or the slowest since the first quarter of 2014.

The condition will be the most unwelcome news for US President Donald Trump, who during the election campaign then made an oath to boost growth at the 4% level. In an effort to keep the promise, the center of the previous week the White House proposed a tax-rate cut

Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin said the concept of President Trump's taxation aims to reduce the business sector tax from 35% to 15%. In the plan also proposed incentives for companies that return their funds abroad and individual tax cuts, although there is no detail of the plan.

Yet the weakness in the US economy at the start of the year is believed to be consistent with the trend in recent years showing growth figures being depressed in the first quarter, but then improving by the end of the year. "US GDP figures are usually weak in the first quarter, so this is seen in line with seasonal trends," said Close Brothers Asset Management Investment Chief Nancy Curtin.

"We do not have the expected fiscal stimulus from Trump, an effect that can not be seen until the end of this year or early 2018," he said in connection with US economic conditions.

The annual growth rate in the first quarter of this year was 0.7% or less than 1%, far less than analysts expected compared to 2.1% in the last quarter. According to economists this slowdown is affected by stagnant consumer spending. "Household spending appears to be declining, as motor vehicle sales shrank from a record high last year," said Capital Economics Chief Economist Paul Ashworth.

According to him the transition of the warm season to winter also suppresses spending utilities. But he expects consumer spending to rebound when personal income shows healthy growth and data show that consumer confidence remains high. The labor market is also believed to be a boost for the US economy.

Galaxy Ghost Discovered Not Far From Bima Sakti

Not far from our galaxy, there is a "ghost galaxy" that almost all of its constituents are dark matter, mysterious materials in the universe that never really look.

Scientists named the galaxy Dragonfly 44. Despite its proximity, Dragonfly 44 is so dark that this galaxy has escaped scientists' observations for decades. At least until last year, when scientists first saw it in the galaxy clusters Coma, about 330 light years from the Milky Way. 

"Immediately after the discovery, we realized that this galaxy has something more than the visible. This galaxy has a few stars that will be torn apart quickly unless something holds them back, "said astronomer Pieter van Dokkum of Yale University and lead author of a study published in Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Dragonfly 44 galaxy is located in ... Galafly galaxy 44 is in the Coma cluster, about 330 light-years away from the Milky Way. (Pieter van Dokkum / Yale University & Roberto Abraham / University of Toronto)
Meanwhile, another study author, Roberto Abraham of the University of Toronto added, "The stars at Dragonfly 44 move at much greater speeds for the dimensions of a dim galaxy. This means that Dragonfly 44 has a large number of invisible masses. "

Further obeservation revealed that although the galaxy's mass of Dragonfly 44 is almost equivalent to the Milky Way, but only 0.01 percent of its mass consists of normal matter, such as stars, dust and gas. While the remaining 99.99 percent is dark matter.

Dragonfly Galaxy 44. Drawing ... Galafly Galaxy 44. The left-hand picture was taken by Sloan Digital Sky Survey, only seen as a dim stain. The right image is taken using the Gemini space telescope, revealing a large and elongated object. For the size of its mass, Dragonfly 44 galaxy classified as dim, because almost all constituents in the form of dark matter. (Pieter van Dokkum / Yale University & Roberto Abraham / University of Toronto)
Dark matter may be the greatest mystery in the universe. Scientists know of its existence, but they have never actually seen it.

Thus, at least the discovery of this "ghost galaxy" might help scientists uncover more mysteries of dark matter in the universe.

Source: www.independent.co.ukwww.seeker.com)

Top Best University in the World 2018

Nearly 1,000 university from 84 countries in the world are included in the QS World University Rankings® 2018, providing you with the only resource you need to refer to when deciding which universities to apply to. If you really want to be among the best of the best, these are the ten universities you should attend. let's ..

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

It’s six years in a row at the top for MIT, with the US university continuing to show everyone else how its done. At the heart of its incredible record in our rankings is an extremely strong reputation among both fellow academics and employers, as well as the fact MIT is responsible for an impressive number of academic citations per faculty. Recomended This. .

2. Stanford University

There’s no change at number two either, with the Silicon Valley-based Stanford University continuing to hold off the challenge from Harvard. Stanford goes toe-to-toe with MIT in multiple of the indicators used to compile the rankings (more details are available here), but loses ground because of the university’s low international student ratio.

3. Harvard University

Having been second two years ago, Harvard is now cemented in third place in the rankings. The US university can at least take comfort from the fact it’s ranked best in the world for its reputation among academics surveyed for this ranking, a title it retains from previous years.

4. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Our first mover and shaker in the top 10 is Caltech, which rises one place from last year. At the heart of this improvement is a particularly good student to faculty ratio and an impressive number of citations produced per faculty.

5. University of Cambridge

Finally! After a clean sweep for the US in the top four, we eventually reach a university from another country. Cambridge was fourth last year so won’t be entirely happy with their slip down the ladder. It’s not all bad news though: the UK university is ranked best in the world for employer reputation and can at least enjoy bragging rights over a certain rival. 

6. University of Oxford

Still in sixth and still behind their arch-rivals Cambridge, the University of Oxford still has some ground to make up if they want to be the best in Britain. It does out-perform Cambridge in its ratio of international students and international faculty though, so maybe they can brag about that for the next year?

7. UCL (University College London)

Three UK universities in a row and it’s another non-mover from last year, suggesting fears British universities would suffer because of Brexit may have been overblown (for now). UCL has one of the most internationally diverse student bodies in the world.

8. Imperial College London

Climbing up the rankings one place is another London university, Imperial. The university is particularly well-regarded for its scientific and technical teaching, as well as its business school.

9. University of Chicago

It’s back to the US for ninth-placed University of Chicago, an improvement of one place from last year’s ranking. The university enjoys a particularly strong score for its reputation among academics.

10. ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

The UK-US duopoly is finally broken by the Swiss, and 10th-placed ETH Zurich. The university has fallen two places since last year and is let down by a poor student to faculty ratio, but out-performs at least one of the universities above it in every other category.

Top universities in the world by location Other

Obviously, the above top ten isn’t much use if studying in the UK, US or Switzerland either doesn’t interest you or isn’t practical. Fortunately for you, we’ve also rounded up the best university from each of the other 81 countries included in this year’s ranking. Find a top university near to you recomend in the list below.
Argentina: Universidad de Buenos Aires – ranked 75th
Australia: Australian National University (ANU) – ranked 20th
Austria: Universität Wien – ranked 154th
Azerbaijan: Khazar University – ranked 701-750
Bahrain: Arabian Gulf University – ranked 411-420
Bangladesh: University of Dhaka – ranked 701-750
Belarus: Belarus State University – ranked joint 334th
Belgium: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven – ranked joint 71st
Brazil: Universidade de São Paulo (USP) – ranked 121st
Brunei Darussalam: University of Brunei Darussalam – ranked joint 349th
Bulgaria: Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” – ranked 701-750
Canada: University of Toronto – ranked 31st
Chile: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile – ranked joint 137th
China: Tsinghua University – ranked 25th
Colombia: Universidad Nacional de Colombia – ranked joint 254th
Costa Rica: Universidad de Costa Rica – ranked 411-420
Croatia: University of Zagreb – ranked 601-650
Cuba: Universidad de la Habana – ranked 601-650
Czech Republic: Charles University – ranked joint 314th
Denmark: University of Copenhagen – ranked joint 73rd
Ecuador: Universidad de San Francisco de Quito – ranked 701-750
Egypt: American University in Cairo – ranked joint 395th
Estonia: University of Tartu – ranked joint 314th
Finland: University of Helsinki – ranked joint 102nd
France: Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris (ENS Paris) – ranked 43rd
Germany: Technische Universität München – ranked 64th
Ghana: University of Ghana – ranked 801-1000
Greece: National Technical University of Athens – ranked 401-410
Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong (HKU) – ranked 26th
Hungary: University of Szeged – ranked 501-550
India: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) – ranked 172nd
Indonesia: University of Indonesia – ranked joint 277th
Iran: Sharif University of Technology – ranked 471-480
Iraq: University of Baghdad – ranked 501-550
Israel: Hebrew University of Jerusalem – ranked 145th
Italy: Politecnico di Milano – ranked 170th
Japan: University of Tokyo – ranked joint 28th
Jordan: University of Jordan – ranked 551-600
Kazakhstan: Al-Farabi Kazakh National University – ranked joint 236th
Kenya: University of Nairobi – ranked 801-1000
Kuwait: Kuwait University – ranked 651-700
Latvia: Riga Technical University – ranked 651-700
Lebanon: American University of Beirut (AUB) – ranked 235th
Lithuania: Vilnius University – ranked 401-410
Macao, S.A.R., China: University of Macau – ranked 501-550
Malaysia: Universiti Malaya (UM) – ranked joint 114th
Mexico: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) – ranked joint 122nd
Morocco: Université Mohammed V de Rabat – ranked 801-1000
Netherlands: Delft University of Technology – ranked 54th
New Zealand: University of Auckland – ranked joint 82nd
Norway: University of Oslo – ranked joint 142nd
Oman: Sultan Qaboos University – ranked 451-460
Pakistan: National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Islamabad – ranked 431-440
Palestine: Birzeit University – ranked 801-1000
Peru: Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú – ranked 431-440
Philippines: University of the Philippines – ranked joint 367th
Poland: University of Warsaw – ranked 411-420
Portugal: University of Porto – ranked joint 301st
Puerto Rico: Universidad de Puerto Rico – ranked 801-1000
Qatar: Qatar University – ranked joint 349th
Republic of Ireland: Trinity College Dublin (TCD) – ranked 88th
Romania: University of Bucharest – ranked 701-750
Russia: Lomonosov Moscow State University – ranked joint 95th
Saudi Arabia: King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) – ranked joint 173rd
Serbia: University of Belgrade – ranked 801-1000
Singapore: Nanyang Technological University (NTU) – ranked 11th
Slovakia: Comenius University in Bratislava – ranked 701-750
Slovenia: University of Ljubljana – ranked 651-700
South Africa: University of Cape Town – ranked 191st
South Korea: Seoul National University (SNU) – ranked joint 36th
Spain: Universitat de Barcelona (UB) – ranked 156th
Sri Lanka: University of Colombo – ranked 751-800
Sweden: Lund University – ranked joint 78th
Taiwan: National Taiwan University (NTU) – ranked joint 76th
Thailand: Culalongkorn University – ranked joint 245th
Turkey: Bilkent University – ranked 421-430
Uganda: Makerere University – ranked 801-1000
Ukraine: V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University – ranked 401-410
United Arab Emirates: United Arab Emirates University – ranked 390th
Uruguay: Universidad de Montevideo – ranked 501-550
Venezuela: Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB) and Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV) – both ranked 651-700

The Guys (2017)

Download The Guys 2017 WEBDL
Genre    : Comedy
Writer   : Raditya Dika, Sunil Soraya, Donny Dhirgantoro
Stars      : Raditya Dika, Pevita Pearce

Synopsis :
Alfi (Raditya Dika), karyawan yang bercita-cita jadi bos, ingin mendapatkan cinta Amira (Pevita Pearce), teman sekantor dan anak bosnya, Jeremy (Tarsan). Ketika Alfi dekat dengan Amira, ternyata Jeremy juga suka dengan Ibu Alfi (Widyawati). Keduanya kebetulan sudah lama hidup sendiri. Masalah timbul ketika Via,  gebetan abadinya, yang tadinya mengabaikan Alfi, mulai menujukkan rasa cinta.Untuk menyelesaikan masalahnya dan mencapati cita-citanya Alfi dibantu teman-temannya, termasuk Sukun (Pongsiree Bunluewong), karyawan ekspat dari Thailand.

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Cintanya Anak Hits Kekinian (2017)

Release         : 19 July 2017
Country : Indonesia
Language : Indonesian
Genre : Comedy | Romance
Quality    : WEB-DL
Format : MP4
Size : 390 MB
Director : Suroso MYS
Writer : Myrna Dp
Starcast : Indah Permatasari, Ridwan Ghany,
Mario Wlericx, Adi Danoe

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Stream Cintanya Anak Hits Kekinian (2017)

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Jailangkung 2 (2017) Bluray

Genre        : Drama ,Horor
Aired        : 25 Jni 2017
Country    : Indonesia
Tiga gadis ingin menguak misteri yang terjadi pada ayah mereka yang ditemukan koma secara misterius. Bella (Amanda Rawless) bersama kakaknya Angel (Hanna Al Rasyid), dan adiknya Tasya berusaha menemukan jawabannya dengan bantuan Rama (Jefri Nichol), teman kampus Bella yang tertarik pada hal metafisik. Seorang pilot bernama Capt Wardana (Augie Fantinus) membantu mereka. Mereka menemukan jailangkung yang membuka rahasia gelap di masa lalu dan kini membahayakan nyawa mereka

Stream Film Jailangkung 2 (2017)

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5 Centimeter Per Sekon Bluray

Type: Anime
Status: Completed 
Genres: Drama, Romance, Slice of Life 
Skor : 8.31 
Tahun Rilis: 2007 
Subtitle : Indonesia 
Credit : Filmindo.xyz

Sebuah kisah dua orang, Tono Takaki dan Akari Shinohara, yang merupakan teman dekat tetapi secara bertahap tumbuh lebih jauh dan jauh terpisah sebagaimana waktu bergerak. Mereka menjadi terpisah karena keluarga mereka namun terus untuk saling bertukar kontak dalam bentuk huruf. Namun waktu terus berjalan, pada kontak mereka dengan satu sama lain mulai terhenti. Tahun berlalu dan perpecahan antara mereka tumbuh semakin besar.Namun, mengingat Takaki kali mereka telah berbagi bersama, tetapi hidup terus terungkap baginya, ia bertanya-tanya apakah dia akan diberikan kesempatan untuk bertemu Akari lagi sebagai dongeng kisah pada realisasi Takaki tentang dunia dan orang di sekelilingnya.

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